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Want to Train Wing Chun In Greenville, South Carolina with Direct Lineage to Ip Man?

Wing Chun is known for its practical techniques and their simple application. Wing Chun teaches the techniques of self-defense and is based on using the most effective positions, including bridging, trapping and of course striking. Guess what?  The only place you can train Ip Man Wing Chun in Greenville SC is at Greenville Academy of Martial Arts, in our secret headquarters off of Pelham road. 

Only people who are ready to fully commit themselves to learning the art of Wing Chun are accepted. 

This is what separates the strong from the weak.  However, Anyone with respect, a willingness to learn and a drive to better themselves physically as well as mentally is invited to watch.  Absolutely no bad attitudes, whining or disrespect permitted.
Wing Chun Greenville SC
Sifu Jason Korol Demonstrating Wing Chun On Your Carolina News Channel 7


Wing Chun is scientifically based martial art, providing strength not only to bodies but also to minds. This makes a Wing Chun practitioner powerful and flexible, able to punch and kick efficiently. The basic principles of Wing Chun are based on an economy of movements and energy. Thus, Wing Chun is simple yet powerful Kung Fu style. So, don’t hesitate to check us out and see if you can be a part of our Kwoon.

The History of Ip Man Wing Chun

The history of Wing Chun goes back as far as 275 years, and is mostly known from Ip Man, who is considered to be one of the first Wing Chun practitioners. The martial art originated at the times of the Shaolin and Ming resistance, and the art of Wing Chun has kept the name of its founder Yim Wing Chun. Wing Chun basics are closely related to Kung Fu, but still are a bit different and more practical. The Wing Chun martial art presumes a practitioner to have a beautifully aligned strong body structure, which is gained not only by physical training, but also mental discipline. Well-balanced body structure makes defense techniques stronger and attacks more effective.

From Ip Man to Bruce Lee

One of the most famous Wing Chun practitioners, Ip Man, was known for learning this technique since his teenage years. He was lucky to meet a wonderful teacher, who helped him to develop his talent and build powerful martial skills. Having become a teacher by himself, Ip Man spread his wit and skills to the students, who later became teachers themselves.

There is an important and interesting fact to know: Bruce Lee was one of Ip Man’s students, and the youngest one. In fact, Bruce Lee was only 13 years old when he started training in Wing Chun, thus his martial arts mastery was greatly influenced by Wing Chun techniques. At the same time, he got to know the most recent skills and philosophy of Ip Man Wing Chun. In his turn, Bruce Lee, being a martial arts professional, popularized Ip Man Wing Chun broadly in his films.

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Knowing just the basics of Wing Chun can be very helpful to defend yourself from an attacker or predator. So, don’t hesitate to check out our Kwoon in our secret headquarters ( off of Pelham Road ) and join us in our studies and skills of Wing Chun.  It doesn't take a rocket scientist to tell you this is definitely better and more valuable than boring fitness exercises or impractical martial arts that will not work in a street fight. Besides, Wing Chun is much more helpful in developing mental and physical strength and feeling better and more confident in your self defense skills.